Wild Places

by The X-Structure

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Released: 2012

Album: 16

Wild Places

The Wild Places are everywhere, it is within us and it is out there. These wild places are found there where we see life in its purest, where the human presence has not corrupted and moulded things according to their own selfish desires but rather there where God's will and grand beauty is most evident and most clear.

The road less travelled - The pursuit, the longing, the search for the essence of life, the true and purposed meaning which transcends that which is seen. This is a road not often travelled in this age where desires are gratified on demand, mostly with a lifeless counterfeit of the real experience, and purpose is measured on the amount of material wealth you have attained. This road less travelled is a narrow path, a path that seems hard to find and stay on but once taken ultimately leads you into a lush valley where the source of beauty and meaning is found. "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." - Andre Gide, "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost." - J. R. R. Tolkien

You have what it takes - You have what it takes to be triumphant over those battles and challenges that you are facing right now, and over those that are to come.

True heart - To have a true heart, to seek and strive for that which is good, pure, right and noble. To dream, to love, to live as you were meant to be and to become your true self.

Stay the course - You will face many challenges in reaching your goals, your quests, your dreams. But stand fast and don't give up. Stay the course. For soon, just beyond the horizon, you will get there, and when you reach it, it will be all the more glorious.

Slowly but surely - Nothing that is worth anything good happens in an instant. Time reveals beauty. There is always a history that has prepared the way for something great to happen to, or through, it. Therefore, keep at it, get into the groove, for slowly but surely the beauty and the glory of its true purpose will be revealed.

The crux of the story - There is a climax to every story. A moment where all the events leading up to that point comes together, their greater purpose being revealed. So too it is with this grand story of life. The crux of the story, where all time and space crossed over to set things in a new direction, to set things right, to set the course towards eternity.

There is a mystery - There is beauty and wonder in the mysteries of life, even more so if there is something great behind that mystery. For not everything in this life is known or will ever be fully known. There exists a vast mystery that is profound beyond measure. There is a mystery to you and to your soul. There is only One who can reveal this mystery and that is the Creator of All. The first steps towards this revelation is faith (acceptance and trust), love (wonder, gratitude, consideration and humility) and hope (expectations for great things to come).

Something greater - There is something great behind the existence of everything. Something greater beyond the horizon of what we perceive as life. Something vast and indescribable. Something greater still. Something which only your soul can truly comprehend. You can witness a glimpse of this greatness for yourself for its likeness can be found within you.


released May 30, 2012

Front Cover Art - Aura 1 - www.sxc.hu/photo/986801
Back Cover Photo by George Hugo - tinyurl.com/dyabeps




The X-Structure South Africa

The X-Structure are an experimental virtual band hailing from the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. They make epic down-tempo grooves with a good measure of melodic thought and a dash of upbeat optimism on the side.

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